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Avoid Homeowner's Liability Claims

Dog bites are by far the most common liability claim on homeowners' insurance policies.

If you have dogs, use these tips to avid having a claim brought against you:

* According to the Center for Disease Control, there are approximately four million dog bites per year wit enough severity to require medical attention. This creates more than third of all homeowner liability claims, resulting in more than $1 billion in claims per year. For homeowners with dogs, a claim can increase your insurance cost and reduce the availability of your homeowner's insurance.

* Check with your insurance again to make sure you have reasonable amount of liability coverage for the size of your dog. Pick a dog breed that is covered by your homeowner's insurance policy. Spayed or neutered dogs are less territorial.

* Train your dog. Keep your dog on a leash when walking. Keep your dog in a fenced-in area and post a warning sign on your property.

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