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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much will I save?

A: If you want us to compare a power bill from another company send us a message and we will send you back what the price difference would be and we can tell you how much different your bill would be with us.

Q: Do you have prompt payment discounts?

A. We have a 7% prompt payment discount.

Q: When I calculate my savings versus my old retailer I get a much larger amount that I have saved than you show on my invoice?

A: We compare the price of your bill if you pay on time and get a prompt payment discount.

We also use the price of your old retailer if they had also given you a prompt payment discount.

Q: ID Power is not in my region yet, what can I do?

A: ID Power is currently in the regions of Auckland and Northland, including the far north also Hamilton and King Country, but we are expanding. Just send us a contact message asking us to let you know when we start operating in your region and we will be in touch.

Q: I want to sign up but I don't have a smart meter?

A: You don't need a smart meter to sign up. If you do not want a smart meter then you are able to decline one. ID Power prefers smart meters and where possible we do use the automatic meter reads rather than send a meter reader onto your property. If your smart meter is not communicating or you have a legacy meter we will use Wells Metering services to manually read your meter.

Q: How often will I be billed?

A: We currently bill monthly but will be introducing new plans later that bill weekly only on direct debit or credit card. We will offer a special price for these plans but credit card plans will incur a 1% processing fee.

Q: Is there more ways to save money?

A: ID Power is a company focused on saving our customers money and only expecting them to pay our lower bills, no sign up periods and no extra costs if we can avoid them. We are also thinking ahead and will bring more offerings in the future that will save even more for our customers. We will provide you our price indicator soon as an app so you can see the price of power in real time. Also we are working on new plans and offerings to our customers. 

Q: How are you better than the other power companies?

A: ID Power is different to most other power companies because we want to treat our customers different. We will not call you or come to your door to sell you power, we respect your time and your space. Also we will never offer a plan to a new customer better than our existing customers. We want our margins to be very small to save you money. We have a philosophy that if we look after our customers we are looking after our business.

Q: What if I have a fault or an outage?

A: With all retailers you call the same number (see our faults page for the numbers) These phone numbers are for the distributor who run a 24 hour, 7 day fault response line and will repair the lines and fix any cause of outage in your area.

Q: What do I need to do to sign up?

A: You can just fill in our web form, there is no need to contact your old retailer as we will do that for you. If you were in a contract with your old retailer and so you want to cancel your sign up until that has ended they will contact you and let you know about the contract then we can reverse it so you don't get penalised.

Q: I am in King country do I need to pay Lines charges still if I switch to ID Power?

A: The Lines Company makes the decision on this and retailers in King country are not able to decide this matter. Yes you will still get two invoices one for Lines charges from the lines company and one for the electricity from ID Power. We are not involved at all in the lines charges. This is the only region that ID Power operates in that consumers get two separate invoices.

Q: What is the termination fee to my contract if I leave after just a short time.

A: ID Power does not charge a fee nor do we have a term contract. Our contract is on the basis of mutual agreement and continues until you decide to go elsewhere. Our whole business philosophy is to keep our customers happy and if you decide to leave most probably we have not succeed, you will not be penalised.

Q: What is the difference between a standard user and a low user?

In ID Power regions a low user is defined as a user who consumes less than 8000 units per year or 670 units per month (which is about the amount that an average house uses in New Zealand.) In some regions we have the same prices for low users and standard users depending on our costs.

Q: Which is best to sign up to Spot price or Fixed price?

Spot prices change every 30 minutes and even though you get charged only the average price for the month the average price can go up and down. When the average price is high for the month your bill is higher. On fixed price you bill is consistent. Over the long term the spot price works out cheaper but you can have high months and low months. Most customers prefer the consistent prices of a fixed price plan.

Q: If I sign up to Fixed price can I change to Spot price, or if I sign up to Spot price can I change to fixed price?

When you open your account you can change but after the first change then we limit it to stay the same for 1 year. Because we buy power differently for the spot price and the fixed price we have to manage the purchase of the power based on what our customers have selected often months in advance.

Q: Why is your prompt payment discount only 7%?

ID Power is focused on giving the customers the best value. We set our prices based on the price with discount applied assuming everyone pays on time, when you don't pay on time it costs us money which is why we offer the low prices but 7% covers the cost. What it means to you is if you pay late one time in the year with 7% it is ok but if it is 20% then you get a big penalty.

Q: I have a complaint, what do I do.

Call or contact us at ID Power we will do our best to resolve your issue right away. Most issues are immediately and simply resolved by our team. If we are not able to resolve the issue to your satisfaction you are able to take your issue to Utility Disputes at no charge on 0800 22 33 40 or

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