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Our Plans

Fixed price power

New Zealanders are used to fixed priced power. This gives one price all the time and allows customers to experience consistent low prices each month.

Most of the time our fixed price offering is the lowest advertised. Also when you sign up we don’t just give you a temporary discount to get you to join we just deliver the best price to you all the time. Our prices are fair so that we don’t put new customers on a better price than our existing customers. Just one great price for all our customers you go on our best plan and stay there.

Wholesale power price

The wholesale price changes every 30 minutes so if you select this plan we will calculate your price based on your usage in each 30 minute period, we give you the average price achieved each invoice. The wholesale price varies based on a number of factors such as hydro storage levels, current demand and other factors. These variations can cause the average amount per unit of power in a month to go up and down meaning that this kind of plan has cheaper months and more expensive months, however over the long term this gives the best price and most savings for customers.

Time of use

Time of use plans are available in some areas, these plans offer different prices at different times due to the amount of peak load expected at that time with 2 or 3 different prices a day. Where the times are known and the prices are known. There can be a number of ways to take advantage of these plans to give great savings to customers.

This plan below is from wel Network

  • Peak times (week days) 7am to 9:30am and 5:30pm to 8pm

  • Shoulder times (Week days) 9:30am to 5:30pm and 8pm to 11pm

  • (Week ends) 7am to 11pm

  • Off peak times (every day) 11pm to 7am

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