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Financially Smart Home Improvement Projects

Home improvement doesn’t have to be out of your budget and some dollars can stretch more than others can. If it’s time to do some updating in your home but not sure what you can do on your budget, Houselogic has a great article on 8 Affordable Home Improvement Projects.

Not only will these help you enjoy your home but can also provide excellent financial return in the future. All of these projects can be done for less than $5,000- adding the finishing touch of molding, installing quality ceiling fans, various types of energy efficient upgrades- just to name a few.

Getting your home organized and updated to sell can make a big difference in the quality of buyers you attract and the amount of time your home is on the market. Whether it’s sizing up, a relocation or a military move, I can help to alleviate the stress of selling your home. Contact Heidi!

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