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Fall Garden Maintenance Tips

Fall is a good time to prepare your lawn and garden for the coming winter months. Here are some tips to help maintain your yard:

* Begin with thorough clean-up of the garden and flowerbeds. Remove all weeds, leaves and debris. It benefits the soil and gives it an early start on next spring's gardening. For shrubs and trees, remove diseased leaves, but avoid pruning in the fall as it may stimulate new growth just as winter sets in. Trim dead branches out of the trees to prevent them form causing damages.

* Autumn is also the best time to start planting new bulbs, seeds, shrubs, and young trees for the spring. It will give the roots several months to grow strong before the soil cools. Keep the soil moist when planing in the fall. Prepare the soil by loosening it and adding organic matter.

* Aerate your lawn to allow moisture and nutrients to get into the roots. When you're done, spread fertilizer to provide additional protection during winter months. Be sure to mow your lawn, remove dead leaves and grass clippings before you fertilize.

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