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Tips to Maximize Kitchen Space

If you want more kitchen countertop space without a major renovation, consider these tips to expand your current area:

* Take stock of what you really need in your kitchen, and remove any cluttering knick-knacks, old mail or useless appliances.

* Make use of the area beneath your wall-mounted cabinets with space-saving devices such as under-the-cabinet appliances like coffeemakers, toasters or microwave ovens.

* Install pot racks or wire baskets from the ceiling or on the walls to hold cookware, utensils or produce.

* Trade counter space for storage space. Consider installing multi-tiered slide-out bins and trays inside your cabinets or pantry for canned goods, snacks or kitchen supplies. Attach wire racks to the inside of the cabinet or pantry doors to save shelf space and to gain more storage room. In base cabinets, add rollout baskets for easy access to pots and supplies.

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