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Backyard Safety Tips

Is your backyard safe? Use these tips to remove backyard safety hazards to ensure that your family will have a safe and enjoyable time:

* Keep playground equipment in good repair. Add a 1 ft. deep layer of sand or wood chips extending 6 ft. in all directions from any equipment. Check for loose screws, bolts or nails.

* Fence in a pool with a 5 ft. high self-closing, self-latching gate. Remove objects that might be used to climb over a fence. Keep all pool and other harmful chemicals in a locked cabinet or on a high shelf. Place a sturdy pool cover over the pool when it's not in use.

* Grill with caution. Grill away from your house, deck, bushes, and any flammable objects. Check your gas grill for hose leaks or blockages.

* Remove harmful tools and pesticides. Store yard work tools in a safe place. Avoid applying pesticides while children or pets are nearby. Never use more than what the manufacturer recommends.

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