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Have Military Orders PCS'ing you to the DC area?

When you receive your orders, and after the panic subsides, getting yourself and your family organized for the relocation process is top priority. If you are moving to or from the Virginia/DC area, the first key is finding an experienced Realtor® who personally knows the process of PCS-ing first hand.

Enter Heidi Robbins …. What could be better than relying on a Military Relocation Professional (MRP®) certified Realtor® who is also a military spouse? Heidi has been a military spouse for 22 years and has 12 moves under her belt, both CONUS and OCONUS!

By having her MRP certificate and real life application, Heidi is an expert at:

  • VA Financing

  • BAH Rates

  • Military Benefits

  • Mil Speak (aka- acronyms)

  • Local Market Insight

Her goal is to find a location and community that suits your family’s needs and where you can make it a home. Having someone on your side who understands your needs, military timetables and how to make the most of every buying and selling transaction, is a powerful ally who can make your PCS as stress free and smooth as possible.


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