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Tips to Rid Your Closet of Clutter

If you’re preparing to sell your home this spring, now isn’t the time to hide that clutter in the back of your closets. As potential buyers are viewing your home, they are going to want to know how much storage your home offers and they will be checking out those closets.

Here are 5 tips to getting rid of closet clutter that may help buyers see the full potential in your home:

1) Remove all items from the closet you’re preparing to reorganize. Put all the items in one designated spot to be able to assess what actually needs to go back in the closet.

2) Take time to sort thru your items and decide what can be kept, donated or thrown away. Yes, we know this can be the hardest step but is essential in opening up that closet space for buyers to see. Remember: if you haven’t worn it or used it in a year, chances are you no longer need the item.

3) Before you put things back in the closet, do a good cleaning by dusting shelves and sweeping, mopping or vacuuming the floors. If you have the time, refresh the paint in the closet.

4) Once you’ve decided what’s going back in your closet, utilize all the storage space including shelving and floor. Categorize your items into “like” groups and store together. If you use bins, clear ones are the best to see the items you are storing and label as needed.

5) As you add back in the items to the closet, make sure that item actually belongs in the room where it’s being stored. No kitchen appliances in your spare bedroom closet where potential buyers will then doubt the storage space in the kitchen! If you are already storing extra furniture and personal items at an offsite storage facility, you may want to consider storing winter clothes and other non-essential items to show how accommodating your closets can be.

When selling your NoVa home, make sure to highlight all the assets to your home, including those spacious closets. Heidi Robbins can help guide you every step of the way. You can email Heidi to set up a free consultation or give me a call at: 571-296-2312. I look forward to meeting with you!

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